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Malvern Auto Services
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We stock a comprehensive range of Bosch batteries. We offer free battery checks which includes a professional appraisal with our state of the art battery testers.

Bosch batteries are the culmination of 85 years of battery development by the global leader in automotive electrical systems. When you are in need of battery repairs, replacement or advice, you can’t go past the professionals at Malvern Auto Services.

We are qualified auto electricians meaning we can carry out battery checks and look after all aspects of your cars electrical components.

Bosch stands at the forefront of battery development, producing the S-Series which is a completely maintenance-free range of batteries.

  • The S3 battery is an economic solution, suitable for a wide range of passenger and light commercial vehicles with few energy consuming components.
  • The S3+ is the solution for vehicles with increased demands due to their safety and entertainment systems. These batteries have a two year warranty.
  • The S4 battery is a superior option for vehicles with DVD players, parking distance control, lane-change warnings and active suspension systems. This battery has a three year warranty.
  • The S5 battery is suitable for advanced vehicles with strong demands for starting and cycling ability and extreme motoring as it offers absolute commitment to performance. This battery has a three year warranty.
  • The S6 battery is a must for start-stop systems and vehicles with a high number of electrical convenience functions. This battery has a two year warranty for stop-start use and a three year warranty for normal use.

For information about Batteries, please contact Malvern Auto Services on (03) 9500 1911, or book in using our easy online booking form.

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Malvern Auto Services
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