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Malvern Auto Services
(03) 9500 1911

At Malvern Auto Services, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality car servicing and car repairs across Malvern, and surrounding areas, including Toorak, Glen Iris, Caulfield, Armadale, Carnegie and Prahran.

With more than 15 years’ experience as leaders in the car servicing industry, our mechanics have extensive experience and passion for working with all major vehicle brands using modern testing equipment, and specialise in servicing European manufactured cars such as AudiBMWMercedes BenzLand Rover, Renault, Peugeot, VW, Volvo and Citreon. Trust Malvern Auto Services for your next comprehensive car service.

Whether it’s a minor service, major service, or manufacturers book servicing as per the kilometre/time intervals requirements, you can trust Malvern Auto Services to provide top quality customer service, professional advice, and complete transparency, every time.

As part of our Bosch Service Promises, all our work is carried out to manufacturer’s specifications, so no matter the car, you can be sure we’ll keep it running smoothly and keep your warranty intact.

Free Battery Test: Malvern Auto Services also offers a free battery test. As a part of the Bosch Car Service network, we are proud suppliers and recommenders of Bosch batteries; as part of your car service, we provide free battery testing and professional appraisal using specialist state of the art modern testing equipment.  Find out more information about Bosch car batteries here.

Picture Of A Car After It Had Car Servicing

At Malvern Auto Services, our trained technicians provide a comprehensive automotive service of your vehicle which could include:

  • Inspect Engine for Oil Leaks, Replace Engine Oil and Filter
  • Replace Fuel Filter
  • Carburettor / Throttle Body Condition & Security
  • Inspect Vacuum Lines & Hoses
  • Inspect Idle Stop Solenoid Operation and Adjust Idle Speed & Mixture
  • Check Operation of Fuel Injectors and Inspect Fuel Rail Condition & Security
  • Inspect EFI Components For Security & Operation
  • Load Test Battery, Inspect Battery Electrolyte Level, and Inspect Battery Terminals
  • Check Tappets or Lifters for Noise & Report
  • Inspect Emission Control System
  • Test Operation of EGR Valve
  • Inspect Timing Belt
  • Clutch & Brake Master Cylinder Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid Reservoir
  • Coolant Level Radiator and Coolant Condition
  • Windscreen Washers & Fluid, Horns, and Lights
  • Inspect Drive Belts
  • Test Alternator Voltage Output under Load
  • Test Starter Motor Current Draw
  • Test Park Neutral Switch Operation
  • Check Mounting of Power Supply Cables

Ignition System

  • Check Colour and Wear of Old Spark Plugs
  • Inspect Ignition Leads and Check Ignition Coil(s) for Cracks or Leaks
  • Replace Spark Plugs and Adjust Spark Plug Gaps
  • Inspect Main Engine Earth
  • Check & Adjust Ignition Timing to Specifications

Under Car

  • Check all Brakes and Inspect Handbrake Operations
  • Check all Shock absorbers/struts and steering components
  • Lubricate steering stops
  • Check security of all fuel hoses/pipes
  • Check exhaust for security & leaks
  • Check tyres & pressures

We can also undertake log book servicing of your vehicle as per the manufacturers kilometres and time recommendations.

To find out more about our car servicing and car repairs in Malvern, give the team at Malvern Auto Services a call on (03) 9500 1911, or schedule an appointment with our easy online booking form.

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